S’mores bars

It may not be elegant or pretty, but it is always tasty… with a most satisfying combination of sweet, chocolate, gooey and crunch, and a nostalgic appeal that will send you right back to smoky Girl Scout camp fires.  Presenting the fabulous s’mores bar:

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Frills Catering

Welcome to the blog from Frills Catering.  A love of eating and cooking must cause a love of writing (or perhaps just an infatuation with ones own words),  because there is a mind boggling feast of food related blogs out there. Furthermore, many of them are more than good; they are charming, informative, visually stunning, profound, funny, quirky and on and on. This is a humble blog, with no goal other than to record a few recipes, some observations, and perhaps information about a local food happening of interest.

Frills Catering is a custom catering and personal chef service in Spokane,Washington.  It was founded in 2011, and is owned and operated by Jane Harper.  Please visit our website for more information: www.frillscatering.com.Frills