Southwest Baked Beans

No barbecue or picnic is complete without a tasty side dish or two of baked beans, and this flavorful version is a worthy contender!  It uses canned beans, (which might make a purist frown, but the saved time brings a smile to a cook’s face… ), and using a combination of beans makes it more interesting and visually appealing.  Bake it long enough for caramelization and for the flavors to deepen. Read More


Banh Mi Bites

Could there possibly be a better sandwich than the Banh Mi? Crispy pickled vegetables, spiced pork or chicken, chili sauce, cilantro, maybe pate or sriracha, all on a baguette roll; the list of ingredients is somewhat debatable but always delicious.  Such strong and fresh flavors are also perfect for an appetizer.  Here is a recipe for some cute little bites which pack a lot of flavor and will look festive on your platter.  They do have a few steps, so start them ahead of time, but none of it is complicated, and making the won ton cups couldn’t be easier or more satisfying! If you haven’t made them before, you will want to use them for all kinds of other fun little treats. Read More