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Before this blog, there was Frills Catering, but before that, there were many (OK, many, many, many) years of enthusiastic cooking and baking, tasting and experimenting and otherwise enjoying every aspect of creating delicious food.  Preparing,  sharing, and nurturing through food is an act of community at a simple but most meaningful level, and this blog was formed with that philosophy in mind.

about Frills Catering:

Founded in 2011, Frills is owned and operated by Jane Harper, who combines years of experience in creative cooking and planning with ongoing culinary training at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy and elsewhere.  Jane graduated from the University of Washington with an English degree and education credentials, and eventually focused on raising four children while wearing a wide and rewarding variety of volunteer hats.

Frills was created with the goal of  providing exceptional food created from the finest ingredients, food with vibrant flavor and elegant presentation,.  We custom design menus and personalize service, offering artisan-style event catering services for groups from two to three hundred.  Our experience is broad and we enjoy working in just about any venue or for any occasion.… an intimate dinner, a graduation or retirement celebration, an office or business lunch, a birthday party, baptism or book group meeting, a tea party or a wedding.  From casual gatherings to formal events, and everything in between, Frills will work with you to make your event everything you hope for!

In the future, Frills is hoping to offer cooking classes for children, meal packets for adults, and is also hoping to take advantage of legal changes in Washington State.  Look for “Laced”, a new line of enhanced gourmet offerings.



One cannot live well, love well or sleep well unless one has dined well…”
— Virginia Woolf 






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