Glazed coffee shortbread

Coffee and sweet treats… the quest to find even more sublime combinations is a very worthwhile mission.  This homely shortbread bar isn’t a flashy discovery but it is a wonderful one nonetheless, with ground espresso beans flavoring the shortbread, and a buttery brown sugar coffee glaze on top to add some gooey richness.    Read More


Double Ginger Shortbread


It’s a chilly and wet October afternoon, with a hard-to-ignore sore throat and stuffy nose, so it’s time for yet another cup of hot tea… Yawn, snore,  bo–ring!  Wouldn’t that cup of ho- hum tea be a little more appealing with something to dunk into it?  Something with a subtle and complementary flavor, and sturdy enough to hold together when dunked?  Read More

Ginger-lime sandwich cookies– double the pleasure, double the yum!

If one cookie is good, of course two cookies are better,  and if you happen to  put something delicious in between the two, well, then  it might just become sublime…  An especially nice treat is a lime and ginger sandwich cookie.  A basic gingersnap cookie is the base, and it needs to be quite firm,  formed into a ball with a scoop so the cookies are of similar size, and flattened slightly for the best sandwich form (maximum frosting piling).  Fill with a good amount of buttercream frosting with lime zest and juice and there you are, one afternoon snack coming right up. Read More