Traditional meat lasagna

If you’ve got a crowd to feed, a potluck to attend or you really, really need a comfort meal, then lasagna is your best friend.  It’s meaty, cheesy, carb- laden and so easy to tote, make ahead or freeze.  This is a traditional recipe that takes a bit of preparation but is very worthwhile.  Add a simple green salad, some good bread and some red wine and you have a feast. Read More


Raising the bar… Truffled Macaroni and cheese with shallots

Some days nothing but the homiest of cooking will satisfy, and the old favorites beckon.  If you’re already going down that less than healthy path it may as well be done in good form and with the best of ingredients.  Here is a recipe for a wonderfully rich and decadent macaroni and cheese dish.  It adds smoky bacon, roasted shallots, and a  little truffle oil to sharp cheddar and Parmesan cheeses. As an added bonus, it can be made up to three days ahead of time.  Here, it is cooked and served in individual ramekins.  This is adapted from a Tillamook recipe from Brenden Mesch. Read More