Mexican Street Corn Salad

It’s true this is the quintessential summer salad.  When fresh corn, tomatoes, and lettuce are plentiful and full of sunshiny good flavor and the cilantro is bursting out of the herb garden this salad just can’t be beat.  But it turns out it’s a flexible little salad, and as the weather grows cold, it pairs wonderfully with a hearty bowl of beef or chicken chili.  It has garlic, lime, chili powder and jalapeno for spice and tartness, plus salty Cotija cheese crumbs and creamy avocado chunks for more tastiness.  Try adding some chili-lime powder from Trader Joe’s for an extra kick! Read More

Citrus Chicken with Almonds

This is a bright and colorful salad bursting with summer flavor.  The chili-cumin rubbed chicken complements the sweetness of the clementine segments and almonds, and the cucumber and bell peppers add satisfying crunch and texture.  The honey-citrus dressing is delicious but not overwhelming or heavy.  Perfect for lunch,  light supper or an afternoon picnic. Read More

Spinach and Salmon Salad

What do salmon, blueberries, avocado, walnuts, olive oil, avocado, and spinach have in common?  Well, one thing is an appearance on a list of the top fifteen foods for improved brain health, and another is that they come together and make one tasty and gorgeous salad! Read More

Grainy green salad

Here is a terrific salad recipe for an autumn lunch!  It has the usual greens and veggies, and a tasty vinaigrette dressing, but–even better!–it also contains assorted grains.  This makes it satisfyingly substantial and also ups the dietary goodness significantly. It’s been a staple at Frills for a long time, and over the years has shown itself to be an excellent starting point for a number of tasty variations. Read More

Princely Lentil salad

Recently revealed was this tidbit:   the lunch menu of the perfect preschool newly attended by little Prince George featured lentils, more precisely Puy lentils from France.  And with just that sentence the not- usually-so-noteworthy little pulse (yes, that is the word for an edible seed) was granted its fifteen minutes of fame.   There was quite an uptick in interest and demand among restaurants and shops in Britain.  The legume industry expressed hopes this interest might be widespread and perhaps even permanent.

Read More

Chicken, apple and pecan salad

Here is a lovely salad.  Chock full of flavor, texture and color, it is hearty enough for a dinner entree, but also a nice addition to a salad lunch.  It has morphed from its Panera Grills inspiration, but retains the very gratifying combination of apple, chicken, nut and cheese. Read More