Roast beef, Swiss cheese, arugula and onion jam sandwiches

Today is National sandwich day!  That’s right, November 3 is the day to enjoy your favorite sandwich,  discover a new one or whip of a batch of both.  Here is a very fine offering for your consideration:  Roast beef, Swiss cheese, arugula and onion jam sandwiches.  Read More


Wrapping up lunch…buffalo chicken ranch wraps

Consider this–  studies show that shaking up your daily routine can increase creativity and awareness, stave off cognitive decline and increase spontaneous joy.  Spontaneous joy!  Who among us  could resist a bit more spontaneous joy?  So, shake up that routine! Read More

Time for a tea party…spicy cucumber tea sandwiches

Today, thinking about tea parties.  May Day, Mother’s Day, bridal showers, birthday parties for young, old or in-between… so many reasons in springtime to dust off the tea set and start thinking about little bitty bites to eat.

Tea sandwiches are versatile little canvasses for all kinds of taste combinations.  Here is a snazzed up version of a trusty favorite:

The spicy cucumber sandwich, which is delicious, child friendly, lends itself to any number of interpretations and doesn’t even get soggy! Read More