Cheesy cauliflower soup

When the MVP award is handed out to vegetables, look for Cauliflower to be a serious contender.  It’s a bit of a dark horse,  as it is pale, smells funny and is lumpy and misshapen, but once a cook learns how to use it, it will definitely get called up to the show more and more frequently.  It is fantastic when blended into a soup, adding a satisfying creaminess that is amazingly low carb and low fat. Its mild flavor pairs well with just about any flavor or cuisine, but especially tasty is the addition of cheese and bacon.   Keep in mind that a little bacon goes a long way, and if you use strongly flavored cheese, you don’t need to add too much, so this soup can still be relatively healthful. Read More


Butternut brie soup

Here is a fantastic soup recipe for a day when you are throwing health cautions to the wind– it is very, very rich and calorie laden, and so yummy that it is hard to eat it in moderation. Read More

Creamy Chicken Chili for Carlos

This is Carlos, who is as sweet as the ice cream he loves.  He does love his rich food but sadly it shows on his handsome physique and also in his lab results.  Such a challenge… how can he get those rich flavors without the fat and pesky calories?   Halo Top ice cream deliciously satisfies his sweet fang, and he is now resigned to diet cat food for the duration.

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Pumpkin Patch Chili

…another day, another chili.  Chili #3!  This one is not traditional, but is just as flavorful, hearty and satisfying as it’s old school cousin.  Even better, this version contains both ground turkey and chicken sausage, so it is  low fat and less caloric!

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Shredded pork chili

Chili #2!

Now this is a tasty and satisfying chili!  Pork shoulder, beans, spices and vegetables are  slowly cooked for hours and hours and the resulting deliciousness is thick and sweetly smoky– fantastic for a tailgate menu or a post pumpkin patch dinner.  This recipe is loosely adapted from a great blog called “How sweet it is!”.

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Kicking off Chili week!

Is it even possible to have a favorite chili?  It’s a bit like a vacation dilemma: do I return to the idyllic island where I had the best week of my life or do I open that email about the new winter cruise or — or– or– so many possibilities… And so it is with chili, the old favorites vs. new and appealing recipes or ideas.  I have several of the former and even more of the latter, so this week is hereby declared Frills Chili Week! Read More