Welcome to Frillsandfood!

It seems like a love of cooking and eating must lead to a love of writing ( or maybe just an infatuation with one’s own words), because there is a mind-boggling feast of food related blogs out there.  And furthermore, many of them are more than good; they are charming, informative, visually stunning, profound, funny, quirky and on and on.  So whatever could there be left to say?

Well, for starters, where there is food there is always opportunity for cooking, baking, tasting , experimenting and otherwise enjoying every aspect of creating memorable food.  Where there are people, there will always be a desire for fellowship, togetherness and ritual.  And when there is a big wooden table, some comfy chairs, a full basket of bread and a platter with satisfying food, it is pure and wonderful community.  As a caterer, personal chef, and, most importantly, a long time enthusiastic home cook, I have come to believe that preparing, sharing and nurturing through food is an act of community at a simple but most meaningful level.

So here you will find a pretty humble blog, with a variety of tested and enjoyed recipes, some observations and occasional information about food happenings and news.