Carmelitas! Chocolate and caramel = perfection

If chocolate is to die for and caramel is sublime, then the most heavenly treat of all is something combining the two.  Aaaahhhhh…. such a taste treat!  And luckily there is no shortage of happily married chocolate and caramel pairings.  One that is especially worthy of  attention  is the Carmelita bar. Read More


Grand Marnier Brownies

Two types of chocolate, almonds, orange, and Grand Marnier come together in a very delicious and sophisticated brownie.  This is not your basic lunch box brownie– although what a happy and welcome addition to a desk top lunch it would be– but a dinner party dessert, or a tasty addition to an elegant dessert bar platter.
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Reveling in care packages… the Revel bar

And off they go–

the college bound depart.  In various directions, over much of August and into September, excitedly or nervously, travelling lightly or pulling epically laden U-hauls, they depart… and we can turn our thoughts to planning a care package or two.  In these days of Amazon Prime, there aren’t many needs that can’t be met in less time than it takes to send a text to mom or dad, but there are some things that even the internet can not provide. Read More

A wallflower of a cookie bar…Caramel crumb bars

The caramel crumb bar is hum drum in appearance, ordinary, even a little dry, definitely not the first to go from a platter of assorted cookies.  But once tasted, it will surprise you into another bite and lure you back for seconds and very probably thirds and fourths.  It is that good.  And even better, that easy, that freezable, plus that easy to make ahead and put in the fridge for a few days.  It is quite perfect.  It is from a much loved Nick Malgieri cookbook. Read More