Lemon Chicken with Mushrooms

Simple ingredients combine for big flavor in this simple chicken dish.  Marinate chicken breasts overnight in lemon, garlic, mustard and pepper and the next day, simply grill it or pan fry it, whichever catches your fancy!  Mushrooms, white wine and more lemon make a tasty sauce. Add a green vegetable,  crusty bread and more wine and dinner is served…
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Not your mom’s meatloaf…

… unless she was ultra stealthy and determined to sneak fruit into your diet! This outlier of a meatloaf contains dried and diced fruit, mustard, sage and apricot preserves, as well as ground turkey instead of the typical red meat.  But despite the odd ingredient list, it is actually very tasty, not too sweet, not dry, and bonus– the calorie and fat count is low!  If you form the meat mixture into small or even individual loaves, it saves you cooking time. Read More

Spinach and Salmon Salad

What do salmon, blueberries, avocado, walnuts, olive oil, avocado, and spinach have in common?  Well, one thing is an appearance on a list of the top fifteen foods for improved brain health, and another is that they come together and make one tasty and gorgeous salad! Read More

Grainy green salad

Here is a terrific salad recipe for an autumn lunch!  It has the usual greens and veggies, and a tasty vinaigrette dressing, but–even better!–it also contains assorted grains.  This makes it satisfyingly substantial and also ups the dietary goodness significantly. It’s been a staple at Frills for a long time, and over the years has shown itself to be an excellent starting point for a number of tasty variations. Read More

Summer bounty…Spinach and orzo salad

It’s late summer and in our region that means it is hot, hot and hotter, and even the gardens of brown thumbed folk are exploding with beautiful produce. Our specialties,  the easy things, are great fun, immensely satisfying and delicious.  Spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, and herbs are thriving now and are just about jumping into a big salad bowl for an evening meal. Read More