Blueberry and lime swirl coffee cake

This is more than the run-of-the-mill coffee cake– it features fresh blueberries, lime zest and juice,  a rich swirl of cream cheese, and a crunchy brown sugar crumble topping.  It also freezes well, tastes better the next day and looks quite pretty when dusted with powdered sugar and some additional berries.  You can also substitute raspberry, blackberries, strawberries or any combination of berries for more yumminess. Read More

Key lime bars

This is a sweet citrusy little cookie bar to go very nicely with your tropical fruit platter, margarita or whatever you may have beside you when lounging pool or lakeside on a hot day.  The top of the cookie becomes crunchy and slightly caramelized, and the graham cracker crust gives it a bit of a cheesecake vibe. Read More

Lime curd

Ah, lime curd, we love you… so sweet and tart, so smooth, so rich,  so  wonderfully versatile.  It is divine sandwiched between cookies (gingersnaps are particularly worthwhile),  but you can also put it in miniature tart shells,  spread it on muffins or scones, or use it as a cake filling.  Such a workhorse of a recipe, and really quite simple, calling for just a few ingredients. Read More