Salted caramel chocolate chip bars

Rich, gooey and dangerously delicious, these divine cookie bars will be devoured by all who encounter them. Milk chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiches a rich salted caramel filling, and the bars are dusted with more sea salt flakes after baking. Adapted from a Shelly Jaronsky recipe, these are a worthy addition to your cookie bar repertoire.

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Salted Almond Bars

Double chocolate brownies with milk chocolate, smoked almonds and sea salt on top…this is a like a very delicious grown up candy bar.  The center is gooey and rich, and the topping combines sweet, crunchy and salty.  This recipe was discovered in an old Better Homes and Garden magazine and is truly perfection in every morsel!

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Chocolate milk and milk chocolate brownies

Who knew–September 27 is National Milk Chocolate day.   Now, chocolate milk is as deserving of its own special day as any other delicious drink to be sure, but deserving our closer attention is milk chocolate!  Unlike it’s sophisticated cousin, Dark Chocolate, it has a nostalgic, comfort- food vibe and it isn’t good for you at all.  It is sweet and pairs so well with other childhood favorites like oatmeal, marshmallow, caramel and graham crackers.  (also those childhood woes of cavities and chubbiness but everything in moderation…)

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Carmelitas! Chocolate and caramel = perfection

If chocolate is to die for and caramel is sublime, then the most heavenly treat of all is something combining the two.  Aaaahhhhh…. such a taste treat!  And luckily there is no shortage of happily married chocolate and caramel pairings.  One that is especially worthy of  attention  is the Carmelita bar. Read More