Citrus Chicken with Almonds

This is a bright and colorful salad bursting with summer flavor.  The chili-cumin rubbed chicken complements the sweetness of the clementine segments and almonds, and the cucumber and bell peppers add satisfying crunch and texture.  The honey-citrus dressing is delicious but not overwhelming or heavy.  Perfect for lunch,  light supper or an afternoon picnic. Read More


Baked Orange Chicken

This baked orange chicken recipe has lost the fat and calories of the typical deep fried version, but it remains bursting with orange, garlic, honey and ginger and the panko breading helps keep it nice and moist. Even better, you don’t need to stand over a hot pan of oil! Read More

Cherry almond muffins

“Expect problems and eat them for breakfast”

–Alfred A. Montapert

Well, okay, but how about something sugary and crumbly with that anger?  This sophisticated muffin with its tart cherries, orange peel and almond flavors will engage your all senses as you ponder which problem to consume first.   Read More

Grand Marnier Brownies

Two types of chocolate, almonds, orange, and Grand Marnier come together in a very delicious and sophisticated brownie.  This is not your basic lunch box brownie– although what a happy and welcome addition to a desk top lunch it would be– but a dinner party dessert, or a tasty addition to an elegant dessert bar platter.
Read More

Key lime bars

This is a sweet citrusy little cookie bar to go very nicely with your tropical fruit platter, margarita or whatever you may have beside you when lounging pool or lakeside on a hot day.  The top of the cookie becomes crunchy and slightly caramelized, and the graham cracker crust gives it a bit of a cheesecake vibe. Read More