White chocolate and cranberry Christmas cake

Now this is a special occasion cake! It’s a recipe all over the internet and for good reason; buttery richness, moist vanilla cake, sweet white chocolate and tart cranberries throughout make for a memorable combination of taste and color.  Read More

Creamy Chicken Chili for Carlos

This is Carlos, who is as sweet as the ice cream he loves.  He does love his rich food but sadly it shows on his handsome physique and also in his lab results.  Such a challenge… how can he get those rich flavors without the fat and pesky calories?   Halo Top ice cream deliciously satisfies his sweet fang, and he is now resigned to diet cat food for the duration.

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Sticky toffee pudding

This is an old British dessert, or “pudding” as they say, and it is really quite amazingly delicious.  It is basically a rich buttery date filled cake smothered in warm caramel or toffee sauce.  It’s a terrific ending to a traditional winter or holiday meal, and then if you are lucky enough to have leftovers, it is a decadent midnight snack. Read More

Praline Pie

This dessert looks like a pie, but is really more of a giant meringue with delicious pecans inside and out, and with a nice brown sugar -graham cracker flavor and praline topping.   It tastes as rich and memorable as it sounds and is a top notch  special occasion dessert for the pecan lover in your life. Read More