Irish cream chocolate coffee bars

After the corned beef and cabbage, Guinness and soda bread, a sweet little pick-me-up is in order… This delicious cookie bar will hit the spot, as it combines a trifecta of most agreeable flavors, chocolate,  coffee and Irish Cream liqueur into a fudgy brownie-like treat. Read More


Layered chocolate espresso bars

Here’s a two-for-one to start your coffee break:  these cookie bars will not only give you a tasty chocolate and cream flavor combo in each bite,  but will also provide a satisfying caffeine buzz.  A subtly cinnamon flavored cream filling is layered between a rich chocolate glaze and a brownie base for a sophisticated and delicious cookie bar.  Decorate it with some espresso beans or chocolate shavings and it will be ready to climb into the bakery case. Read More

Chocolate milk and milk chocolate brownies

Who knew–September 27 is National Milk Chocolate day.   Now, chocolate milk is as deserving of its own special day as any other delicious drink to be sure, but deserving our closer attention is milk chocolate!  Unlike it’s sophisticated cousin, Dark Chocolate, it has a nostalgic, comfort- food vibe and it isn’t good for you at all.  It is sweet and pairs so well with other childhood favorites like oatmeal, marshmallow, caramel and graham crackers.  (also those childhood woes of cavities and chubbiness but everything in moderation…)

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Grand Marnier Brownies

Two types of chocolate, almonds, orange, and Grand Marnier come together in a very delicious and sophisticated brownie.  This is not your basic lunch box brownie– although what a happy and welcome addition to a desk top lunch it would be– but a dinner party dessert, or a tasty addition to an elegant dessert bar platter.
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