Chicken Moussaka

Poor moussaka.  It has a funny name and it contains eggplant, which has a reputation of bland mushiness and  frumpy appearance.  (Eggplant really needs to reinvent itself and start going by its French name,  Aubergine.  Ah, Aubergine! ) Read More

Doing the huli huli…Huli Huli chicken skewers

“To everything (turn, turn, turn, turn),

there is a season (turn, turn, turn)”…..the Byrds

Apologies for the dated reference, but the discovery that “huli” means “to turn” got me to thinking about the cooking steps involved in the creation of this delicious favorite, for which this is definitely the season! Three simple steps which each add depth to the sweet, smoky, fruity flavor, and during each of these steps you turn, turn, turn.   First you marinate, for a few hours to overnight, then you grill and baste while grilling, and then right at the end of the cooking, you add some glaze and let it cook into the tasty chicken or pork.   You can also serve the glaze with the dish for even more Hawaiian scrumptiousness. Read More