A new and wonderful toy


Here is the Breville Smart grill and griddle, the most fabulous small appliance, one which brilliantly surpasses all expectations and will quickly earn a favored spot right on your kitchen counter!  When space, weather, time or energy limitations prevent outdoor grilling, this wonderful tool solves all kinds of vexing problems.

As an example,  consider satay, skewers, and kebabs, quick and tasty as appetizers, perfect for both entertaining and kid friendly meals, and very attractive with nice brown grill marks.  But if you have to bake them, they are pallid, pale and rubbery, and broiling can result in charred or flaming skewers. This griller has ridged removable plates, which makes grilling skewers a breeze,  and in a matter of minutes– or even minute– you will be enjoying a perfectly browned, moist mouthful without even putting on your shoes.

Aesthetics aside, the cooking speed is phenomenal. Grilled sandwiches, meat, fish and poultry of all kinds can fly out of your kitchen, and– this is the best part– heating up frozen Costco food or picking up take out food no longer seems like the best choice on a busy week night. 

A few final notes: clean up is a breeze, as every thing goes right into the dishwasher, the grill plates need no oil or grease, and the machine folds up to fit into a cupboard. 

Commercial over, and recipe for tasty skewers to follow!

 Dakkochi (Korean Skewered Chicken) 500



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