Marinated Mushrooms

Among the endless fabulous finds at Trader Joe’s is the garlic marinated mushrooms.  Small mushrooms marinated in vinegar, with spices, garlic, peppers and onion, these are a delicious fat free snack, and also very handy for adding to  salads, a charcuterie platter or a pasta dish.  But once in awhile, the shelf is bare at TJ’s!  Not to worry, though, because it turns out that making your own couldn’t be easier.  This recipe is similar to the  Trader Joe’s version,  but has some added olive oil, which will help with clinging to the pasta or salad ingredients.   Read More

Caramelized onion jam

This is amazingly good.  Delicious as an accompaniment on a cheese board, excellent on sandwiches and a great go-with for roast meats or fish.  Stir it into a humdrum vegetable dip to elevate that dip to heavenly.. Read More